NEW! Chilling message sent by John Matara to Airbnb owner after stabbing Starlet Wahu

A WhatsApp chat between John Matara, the alleged killer of socialite Starlet Wahu, and the Airbnb owner has exposed disturbing messages sent by Matara.

Matara and Wahu entered an Airbnb in South B, where a CCTV camera captured them entering Papino Apartment on January 4.

However, Matara was captured leaving the apartment alone, prompting authorities to launch an investigation.

Matara is accused of stabbing Wahu in the head and thigh, resulting in her bleeding to death. Her lifeless body was found on the floor in a pool of blood.

The leaked WhatsApp chat reveals Matara’s desperate plea for assistance, confessing to having a heated argument with his girlfriend, locking her inside the house, and instructing the owner to collect the house keys from a security guard.

“Sh*t happened. I left the house in panic and I locked my girlfriend inside. She is not in good condition. It is quite disturbing. The key is with the watchman. I could not see the caretaker,” Matara stated in the messages.

“I am far away now. It was a heated argument, and I did some sh*t. She is in the bedroom. The earlier you get there, the better. The later you get there, the worse. You won’t hear from me for some hours. I need recuperation. I am so sorry about it. Please say no word for now. You have no idea how much we have fought all night. But no property is damaged. Thanks for everything.”

As the Airbnb owner sought clarification from Matara, he remained unresponsive, leaving the recipient in shock and confusion.

According to Starlet’s brother, Pastor Victor Kanyari, she succumbed to her injuries, attempting to save herself at the door.

Detectives are urging women who may have experienced assault and extortion by the suspect connected to the murder of socialite Starlet Wahu Mwangi to come forward with information for a thorough investigation.

A dedicated team has been established at the Regional Criminal Investigations Office in Nairobi to receive complaints related to the suspect’s activities.

“The DCI appeals to any victims and survivors of the suspect’s aggression to formally report their experiences at the Regional Criminal Investigations Office in Nairobi or the nearest police station,” stated an appeal released on Sunday night.

This call for information comes to light as it appears the suspect might be a serial killer involved in the illicit activities of blackmail and extortion.

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