Masinde Muliro University bans students from wearing crocs, miniskirts, rugged jeans

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) has prohibited students from wearing plastic shoes, slippers, crocs, tiny skirts, and torn denim, among other “indecent wear,” as they are considered unauthorized.

The college warned students against wearing inappropriate clothing while on campus.

According to an internal document sent out on Wednesday, the institution’s Dean of Students Bernardatte Abwao expressed worry about the growing number of incidences of indecent attire by some of the students.

“I take this opportunity to appreciate all the students who dress decently when they come to the university. However, we have observed and noted with concern the indecent dressing by some of you,” noted the memo in part.

The Kakamega-based institution has banned the wearing of T-shirts with obscene writings, crocs, slippers and all kinds of plastic shoes.

Dr Abwao stated that those wearing mini skirts, skin-tight trousers, ragged/torn or ripped jeans, low-cut blouses and dresses will not be allowed entry into the institution.

The memo seen by Nation also cautioned ladies against putting on micro shorts, transparent dresses, attires that show bra straps as well as sleeveless T-shirts.

The male students have also been banned from wearing sagging trousers and clothing that reveals their chest.

“As a student, you are expected to dress decently in modest and appropriate attires,” she said.

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