“I want to be a lawyer” – Meet the barmaid who scored B+ in KCSE exams

Mary Akinyi, a 23-year-old barmaid who dropped out of class 4 years ago, achieved a B+ in the KCSE exams on 8th January.

Her motivation for returning to school was due to her mother’s financial struggles, as she lacked school fees.

Akinyi’s return to school is a significant achievement for her.

When she decided to retake the KCPE exam and received a score of 362, everything changed.

“I had challenges of school fees but through well a well-wisher, I managed to join Ran’gala Girls,” said Akinyi.

Akinyi, who hails from Yiro village in Yimbo East ward, Bondo sub-county, told The Standard that she faced so many challenges that pushed her to work as a barmaid.

“I worked as a barmaid in Bondo and Siaya towns after dropping out of school. It was not easy because some customers were mocking me,” she said.

She added that because of the mockery and mistreatment by customers, she decided to resign and go back to school.

Mary Akinyi
Mary Akinyi

Disadvantaged by age, Akinyi says it was not easy to cope with fellow learners but through guidance and counselling, she focused on her academics.

Charles Ndaga, who was Akinyi’s former employer, said she was a hardworking and honest employee.

“She worked well until she resigned. I didn’t know that she had gone back to school until she called one day to inform me that she was no longer a Standard Four dropout,” said Ndaga.

Although Akinyi was excited about her results, she does not know what the future portends.

The fifth born in a family of nine still owes the school Sh182,620.

“I would like to pursue law but this might not be possible if I don’t get my certificate because of the arrears,” she said.

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