Kikuyu singer KarehB mourns her late teenage son who died road accident

Kikuyu singer Mary Wangari, better known by her stage name KarehB, has opened up about her late teenage son.

The gifted vocalist lost her only child, Joseph Maduli, in a tragic car crash.

Along with his classmates from Chavakali Boys High School, the boy was riding an Easy Coach bus to his house in preparation for the April break.

The bus struck the guardrail and landed on the edge of the Kakamega-Kisumu Highway while the driver appeared to be navigating the roundabout.

The actress KarehB, who spoke to Nation.Africa, eulogized her young son, who passed away at the young age of 17.

“My Joseph, an obedient son who loved life. Ambitious, where his passion was to become a pilot. A basketball enthusiast who said his role model was Michael Jordan…he is no more. The emptiness and hollowness of it all,” she cried.

The deceased’s family also honoured him; his cousin and friend spoke highly of him.

“He was the perfect optimist that lived among us. He entertained no thought of negativity in life.entertained. A peacemaker and an Arsenal English Premier League team addict who kept on declaring that life could only get better in the future.

He kept reminding us how he would become a pilot, build his mother a big musical studio and employ her as an international manager to coordinate her shows…become a family man,” 21-year-old Kelvin Mwangi said.

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