Sweet 16! Celebrating Sanaipei Tande who looks so good and beautiful at 40

Celebrating her 40th birthday with grace and flair, renowned singer, former radio personality, and talented actress Sanaipei Tande begins a new chapter in her life.

To mark the occasion, the multi-talented artist posted a collection of breathtaking images that perfectly captured the essence of her journey to date.

Thursdays are the new Friday, Tande jokingly said in an Instagram post that rapidly gained the attention of her admirers and followers. Hamtaniambia kitu — 40 is the new 30.

Celebrating Sanaipei Tande who looks so good and beautiful at 40
Celebrating Sanaipei Tande who looks so good and beautiful at 40

Sanaipei Tande has a decade-long career in the entertainment sector, and her accomplishments are nothing short of remarkable.

Originating from Mombasa and later settling in Ngong, her journey to stardom began when she emerged victorious in the 2004 East Africa Coca-Cola Popstars Talent Search.

This victory not only propelled her into the limelight but also marked the inception of her enduring relationship with the music world.

Tande’s artistic ventures have been diverse and impactful.

Beyond her success as a singer and radio presenter, she ventured into the world of karaoke host, songwriter, and most recently acting.

Her recent tv role was on Maisha Magic’s Kina.

Sanaipei played the leading role of Nana Tandala, an unscrupulous businesswoman and villain in the drama series. She however quit the series in earlier this year.

“For clarification and accuracy, I chose to leave due to exhaustion and consequently much needed rest. Because of the nature of the show, it was necessary to find a replacement to allow for your continued entertainment,” she said in a statement.

Celebrating Sanaipei Tande who looks so good and beautiful at 40
Celebrating Sanaipei Tande who looks so good and beautiful at 40

Other TV series that she has featured in include Auntie Boss, Aziza and Varshita

As she celebrates her 40th birthday, Sanaipei Tande takes a moment to reflect on her journey, from the early days of her career to the influential position she holds today.

Sanaipei Tande’s profile

She attended Loreto Convent Mombasa for her primary school education. She enrolled at Mama Ngina High School for her high school education before transferring to Agha Khan High School while still living with her parents in Mombasa.

After relocating to Nairobi, she continued her high school studies at St Lucy Kiriri Girls.

Upon completing her high school studies, she was admitted to Kenya Medical Training College to study Pharmacy. However, she didn’t complete her studies as she opted to defer and temporarily pursue a career in music, which was her passion.

Sanaipei Tande’s status

At the moment, the gorgeous singer is single. This is what she had to say in an interview with Dr Ofweneke:

I think I simply chose to make sense of who I am. I was seeing someone five years, and when I got out didn’t have the foggiest idea what my identity was. I didn’t even have an inkling where I was going or what I needed. I dated Manga for a long time. Also, when I received in return, I thought, Sana, you have to make sense of where your life is going, who you need to be and the sort of things you need in your life.

Although there were rumours that Sanaipei Tande and Otile Brown were having an affair, she came out to deny these allegations citing that they were just working together for a song collaboration.

Sanaipei Tande’s songs

  • 2020 – Yako
  • 2020 – Kunitema
  • 2020 – Mdaka Mdakiwa
  • 2017 – Amina
  • 2016 – Simama Imara
  • 2015 – Rasta Man
  • 2015 – Ankula Huu
  • 2015 – Change
  • 2014 – Mfalme wa Mapenzi
  • 2014 – Mpango Wa
  • 2014 – I Wish
  • 2013 – Geti Kali
  • 2013 – Your Property
  • 2009 – Niokoe
  • 2007 – Najuta
  • 2006 – Niwe Wako

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