“Usiogope!” – Thirsty Lilian Muli allows content creator to kiss her, hold her waist tightly (VIDEO)

Obidan Dela, a well-known YouTuber and content creator, has drawn criticism after posting a video of himself making love to Citizen TV presenter Lillian Muli.

The seasoned newscaster launched herself at Obidan and gave him a cheek kiss.

“Can I kiss you?” Obidan asked Lillian amid laughter and she told him to go ahead and fulfil his wish.

“Naeza shika kiuno (can I hold your waist?),” the smitten content creator further asked Lillian and she told him to hold her without fear.

“Shika usiogope,” she told him.

Lilian Muli allows content creator Obidan Dela to kiss her
Lilian Muli allows content creator Obidan Dela to kiss her

Another voice is heard in the background asking him not to hold her tightly.

“Usimshike sana tafadhali,” she said.

The video sparked different reactions after Obidan shared it on TikTok.

While some Tiktokers showered praises on Lillian Muli for being humble despite her celebrity status, others claimed that she has hit the wall and this is the reason why she is throwing herself to young men like Obidan.

Watch a video of her goofing around with Odiban Dela.


Lilian Muli Status 

Lilian Muli has two baby daddies – Moses Njuguna & Jared Ombongi.

Lilian Muli, who was previously married to her first husband Moses Kanene and shares a son with him, moved on to a relationship with Jared Ombongi.

Truth about Lilian Muli husband - Tuko.co.ke

Muli’s marriage to Kanene also ended in drama via divorce, forcing her to drop his name from her title when introducing herself or signing off on TV.

The couple welcomed another son together before their highly publicized and bitter fallout.

Lilian Muli divorce

Lilian and Nevaton began dating after filing for her divorce in 2016, seven years after her profile pink and white society wedding in which her white vintage bridal car was followed by a convoy of six E-class Mercedes Benzes to the Windsor Golf and Country Club in Ridgeways, Nairobi.

Moses Njuguna Kanene, Lilian’s estranged hubby, was kicked to the pavement following allegations of “adultery, cruelty and desertion” in a divorce case filed at the Milimani Courts on January 7, 2016.

Lilian Muli husband – Moses Kanene

On 28th November 2008, Moses Njunguna Kanene walked into the Standard Group Offices with a bouquet of flowers.

Then, the ever-charming Lilian Muli had just completed the afternoon news brief. What followed was an exciting engagement in front of colleagues. Before then, Lilian and Moses had known each other for about four years.

In September 2009, the couple held their wedding at the prestigious Windsor Golf Club in a white and pink themed ceremony.

She officially became Lilian Kanene Muli. The highlight of Lilian Muli wedding was the procession of six E-class Mercedes Benz. Weavers Bands and Harry Kimani were among the artist that provided entertainment. Lilian and Moses went to Seychelles for their honeymoon.Lilian Muli husband

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