Kenyans React To Jackie Matubia’s Delivery Room Video

After Wajesus Family, Jackie Matubia and hubby Blessings Lungaho have followed suit to share their labour room experiences.

Jackie took to social media to share videos titled labour and delivery storyduring her delivery in hospital. According to her, the videos were recorded by her lover Blessing.

Jackie Matubia then asked her followers to watch her latest video titled labour and delivery story.

The actress explained how she gave birth to her second child in less than five minutes while in the waiting room.

“My delivery reminded me of my baby shower. I remember Pastor Size 8 and Reverend Harriet Nyamu prayed for me to have a Hebrew woman’s birth,” Matubia stated.

This didn’t go well with a section of Kenyans, as some of them expressed their anger against the couple.

Here are some of the comments:

Esther Kunga: “I think Matubia is now becoming too much. We love you but there are some stuff you need to keep for yourself.”

Abdikarim Hussein: “Video ya twa twa yenu hukutuwekea (You didn’t share the video of when you were making love).”

Luo Bae: “Being a celeb doesn’t mean you expose yourself…try to be private a little bit.”

Santy Kenzo:“I can’t imagine that you can do such nonsense. Just tell God thankyou and remain silent.”

Nancy Munga: “So you have decided to join the WaJesus Family yawa, content creation.”

Kenneth Kimathi: “I was your biggest fan until you started sharing those kinds of videos.”

Shan Reggie:Am sure celebrities think that us, team others, laid eggs. Mko na ujinga sana!”

Lovely Milly: So what’s so important about your labour? I think all women go through labour for them to give birth! Keep your Angus for Madiba!”

Winny Thuni: “What exactly do you want us to watch? Placenta or the amniotic fluid?”

Vinic Nyaboke: “Why do these celebs feel we need to see their labour and delivery experiences? It’s not an extraordinary experience that they should feel the need to share with the world. Keep the video for your own memories.”

Lewis Mugambi: “We shall be tuned but a video of you conceiving would be a good idea as well.”

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