VIDEO: Drama as Stivo Simple Boy refuses to greet Pritty Vishy after ambushing him

Kenyan musician Stivo Simple Boy and his ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy had a strange meeting.

It started when Vishy went into a house where Stivo was there with some friends, presumably thinking she would be getting back together with her ex.

Vishy was heard saying she wanted to meet Stivo in a video that Nairobi Gossip Club posted.

“Today I have brought myself to say hi,” she stated.

To her dismay, though, Stivo continued to be uncommunicative, folding his arms and stubbornly refusing to acknowledge her.

Vishy tried to talk to him, asking for nothing more than a casual hello, but Stivo seemed uninterested and unimpressed.

“My love, come and hug me. Did Atieno (Stivo’s current lover) tell you not to greet me? Greet me, my love,” Vishy pleaded with Stivo but the singer was unbothered.

Stivo Simple Boy threatens to sue Pritty Vishy

Few months ago, Stivo Simple revealed he was fed up with his ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy discussing him on social media in every interview.

According to Stivo Simple Boy, his ex has been discussing him since their breakup, making things a bit awkward.

“Mimi kwangu naweza sema Pritty Vishy awache kutumia jina langu. Akue yeye mwenyewe,” he told Mzazi Willy M Tuva.

He went on to add that he had noticed Pritty Vishy lacks original content which is why she keeps bringing him up during interviews.

He went on to add that if not for him, she wouldn’t be making news online as she does.

“Sababu asipo niongelea, hana content. Mimi ndio nilimleta mjini. Mimi ndio nilimjenga,” he went on.

However having parted ways months ago, Stivo Simple said it is about time they let their past stay in their past.

This is because he moved on and has a new wife who he believes does not deserve to see him getting linked to his exes.

The rapper went on to add that if Pritty Vishy insists on discussing him, he will then have his lawyers involved.

“Popote aendapo akitaja jina langu nampleleka Kortini,” he concluded.

Pritty Vishy and and the ‘Mihadarati’ hit maker parted ways in early March 2022.

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