Kenyan woman arrested for killing fellow citizen in Saudi Arabia

On Sunday evening, police in Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia, arrested a Kenyan woman accused of murdering a fellow citizen.

Following the incident, which was captured on amateur camera, the woman, only named as Ms Mercy alias Saumu, was detained and taken into prison by police officials.

According to Nairobi News, the deceased lady’s name was Maureen.

Riyadh Police Region said in a statement that the two had a disagreement but did not go into specifics.

“Security patrols in the Ritadh Region arrested a resident of Kenyan nationality, who assaulted another of the same nationality, which led to her death, following a dispute between them,” the police said in the statement.

The incident, which was captured in a viral video, has attracted condemnation from Kenyans living in Saudi Arabia.

In the video, Ms Saumu is seen savagely attacking Ms Maureen on a main road. She repeatedly slams the head of the deceased on the tarmac before kicking and stepping on her face.

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The attack goes on until motorists stop at the scene and move towards where the commotion is taking place before the assailants walks away.

Those who captured the video, appear to be residing on a building close to the tarmacked road and can be screaming at the assailant to stop the attack.

“Saumu wacha! Wewe Saumu! Saumu!” a group of women are heard wailing.

Police in Saudi Arabia reveal that the victim died while receiving treatment at a local hospital.

According to the Saudi Arabian law, murder attracts a death penalty and already those are the charges the suspect is facing.

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