Boniface Mwangi takes legal action against Ndii for linking him to ‘Ruto money’

Activist Bonface Mwangi has vowed to sue President William Ruto’s financial advisor, Dr David Ndii.

Mr Mwangi cited defamation through false assertions in a demand letter to Dr Ndii through his lawyers James Njeri and Co-advocates.

According to the activist, Dr. Ndii made defamatory and false accusations about him on Twitter on Sunday evening (July 16, 2023).

“The statements, published to your 1 million followers and garnering over 863,000 views (as of the time of this letter) was unfounded, untrue and misleading for a number of reasons,” Mwangi’s demand letter reads in part.

Mr Mwangi said he has never received any money when he was part of the Linda Katiba initiative and that he self-funded all the activities he was engaged in.

The activist dismissed claims that he received money from President Ruto or from his presidential campaign team.

“Our instructions are that the statement you published on twitter is false and those words are defamatory and calculated to lower our client’s reputation. In their natural and ordinary meaning, or by necessary implications,” the letter reads.

Mr Mwangi’s advocates said Dr Ndii’s tweet has already affected their client as he had been subjected to cyberbullying and attacks which have caused him great distress and irreparable damage to his hard earned “reputation as a bastion of society against injustice.”

The advocates said the damage caused cannot be undone since the tweet had been re-tweeted and shared in various social media platforms.

Mr Mwangi now demands that Dr Ndii apologise to him and deletes the tweet from his account within seven days failure to which he will move to court.

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