Infotrak: Ruto, Gachagua score grade D and E in 2023 performance

Based on his performance in 2023, President William Ruto received a D, according to study conducted by Infotrak Research Consulting.

A mean rating of 47% corresponds to Ruto’s “D” score.

Regarding the President’s performance this year, the Rift Valley awarded him 50% of the points, Western (49%), Nairobi and Central (48%), Easter (46%), Coast (44%), North Eastern (43%), and Nyanza (41%).

Rigathi Gachagua, the deputy president, received a lower grade—an E of 36%—than his boss.

Gachagua’s performance this year received the highest score of 40% from the Rift Valley, 39% from Central, and 39% from Western.

The Opposition side which the report indicates did better than Gachagua in terms of performance was rated with a D

The survey was conducted on 1,500 respondents between December 18 to December 19, 2023. Interviews were conducted through Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) across all 47 counties and eight regions. There was a +/- 2.53 % margin of error.

The government institutions were also not left behind in Infotrak ‘s Research. However, they all were rated with Ds.

County Governments and Judiciary had a score of 47 percent while the police and county assemblies were given 45 percent.

The National Assembly and the Kenya Kwanza Cabinet got 43 percent while the Senate had 42 per cent.

The report highlighted that many Kenyans are pausing to assess the performance of their leaders and institutions.

” The results, however, are not encouraging. Across the board the sentiments lean towards disapproval,” reads the report.

Infotrak notes that the widespread dissatisfaction paints a clear picture: Kenyans expect better.

” The writing is on the wall, a stern message for all leaders entrusted with shaping the nation’s future. As we step into 2024, the hope is for significant improvement,”reads the report.

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