“Kama si bibi yangu, ningekuwa mtu useless” – Abel Mutua praises wife for making him successful

Famous filmmaker and content creator Abel Mutua alias ‘Mkurugenzi’ is ‘offering his wife flowers while she can still smell them.’

Abel praised his girlfriend during an appearance on the Lynn Ngugi Show on YouTube, calling her a key influence in his life.

The father of one stated that he owes Judy his accomplishments and success, saying that she has been the gasoline that has driven him to greatness since their paths met in 2008 while they were both students at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

“Judy is the fuel that propels me to greatness. She’s been that person since 2008 when we met. Kama si yeye, I’d be so useless. Thinking about that gives me chills,” he said amid giggles to calm his tension.


“I’d die for this woman. She has assured me and cheered me on. If it were not for this lady reminding me of my life’s goals and achievements, I’d have lost hope, I’d have no sense of direction and I know for sure, I would have indulged in drugs and substance abuse since I had started that while still in High School.”

Abel Mutua and Judy Nyawira are among the top content creators in the country today.

They spearheaded live recording that has seen many other creators jump on the trend where they perform their art with live audiences.

Abel’s claim to fame was his role at the local drama series Tahidi High before branching into filmmaking and content creation among other things.

In June, Abel won the platinum Kuza awards as people’s choice of favourite online content creator.

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