“I was chased from Church for marrying an older woman” – Guardian Angel

Gospel musician Guardian Angel has shared his story of being treated unfairly in church for getting married to an older woman.

Speaking at the opening of his new record label, “7 Heaven Music,” Angel acknowledged that he temporarily stopped attending church as a result of the abuse.

“I went to a church to sing somewhere and I was mistreated in that Church. When I arrived the pastor told me that elders had instructed that I should not sing or step on the altar. They all argued and after 30 minutes the pastor accepted that I sing.

When I started the pastor again got angry and wanted to snatch my microphone but his wife called him down,” Angel said in part.

“When I finished, the pastor took the microphone and never acknowledged that was had just sung. That made me hate the church,”.

The singer further stated that the ordeal made him swear that he was never going back to church.

“I started question myself, Kwani Kuoa bibi yangu kunaweza fanya mpaka I don’t deserve to sing for God in church.

“I went home with my wife and told her that that was the last time I was stepping into a church. I said I would never step into any church. Mabo ya Kanisa na mimi it is done. I said I would be praying in my bedroom but my wife continued going to her church,” he added.

Guardian further revealed that his life took a new turn after he met with Pastor Ababu, who is now his spiritual father.

"I was chased from Church for marrying an older woman" - Guardian Angel
“I was chased from Church for marrying an older woman” – Guardian Angel

He says Ababu agreed to walk with him despite all the bad things that were being said about him.

“I went to a birthday party and that’s where I met with pastor Ababu…I had never seen a pastor who gets excited to see you just like a fan does. He was so happy with me.

He continued to narrate;

“Then the pastor that chased me away, went and impregnated a Mpango wa Kamdo somewhere. This made me realize that I was refusing to go to Church because of someone who was struggling and not me. I realized he hated me because of his own struggles and now the devil wanted to use that thing to remove me from Church”

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