Every man I have dated died mysteriously in 3 months – Woman confesses

A woman named Gloria has sparked panic online after appearing in a video crying and seeking prayers due to what she referred to as a curse in her romantic life.

The beauty wept, claiming she did not know what was afflicting her because every man she entered into a romantic relationship with died after three months.

According to the woman from North Kivu, in the town of Goma located in Katindo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), at least five men she had dated had died after being in a romantic relationship with her.

Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English, Gloria recounted how the strange occurrences began.

She said she started life like any other hopeful girl, looking forward to settling down with a man and starting a family.

“To be honest, it’s hard for me to talk about this. I used to meet boys just for fun, but like many people, I wanted to find a special person, get married, have children, and start a stable family.”

“But luck was not on my side. I met my first love, and we loved each other very much. We got married in a big ceremony. Just a month later, my husband died. He went to work as usual but died instantly in an accident.

After his death, my life became difficult, and I began to lose my happiness. His death was hard to accept, but as time went on, I slowly found happiness again,” she recalled.

She continued: “Later, I found a new man who cared for me and became my fiancé. Then, three months after planning our life together, he died after an illness.

This time, I started to get scared because it was the second time something like this had happened to me. I didn’t blame myself because we never had any major issues before his death.”

At that point, Gloria began to worry, wondering if she was cursed or if there was any problem in her family history.

“A third person came into my life and loved me very much, but he died after three months. And then the fourth also followed the same trend. I became increasingly worried because I didn’t know what was happening to me and if it was my fault.

I decided to stop getting into relationships because I thought those men were dying because of me being in a romantic relationship with them,” Gloria added.

After waiting for a long time, she decided to enter into another relationship, hoping it would work this time, but she was wrong.

“Last year, I started dating a new guy, who was the fifth boy, and we stayed together for three months.

We loved each other, and we had a good relationship during that time, and I expected we would have a good life together.

We got married, and everything seemed fine until three days after the wedding, my husband complained of a headache and went to bed.

His condition worsened at night, and as he rushed him to the doctor, he died on the way there.”

After burying her partner, Gloria, due to confusion and being distraught, decided to seek help from religious leaders because she could not understand what the problem was.

In one of the churches, she met a man named Emmanuel, who was kind to her and was willing to help her in prayer and other matters.

Some people, including neighbours and families of the boys who died while dating her, call her a witch, but Gloria insists she is not one.

She says at some point, she considered taking her own life, but she thought it was not the best solution, so she decided to pray and rely on God to find healing.

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