“I do wash my husband’s boxers since we got married” – Size 8 confesses

After confessing to being the one to wash her husband DJ Mo’s boxers ever since they were married, Pastor Linet Munyali alis Size 8 has generated conflicting opinions.

Opinions on why the father of two doesn’t wash his own underwear were mixed on the internet.

Size 8 made it clear in a TV 47 segment that cleaning Mo’s boxers does not make her a humble wife.

“I do wash my husband’s boxers since we got married, he has never washed them. It’s a physical way of reminding him of who he is it doesn’t mean I am a humble wife.”

Mo was shocked that other men do not have their boxers washed

“Why are people worried when they hear my boxers are washed for me .They have been washed for 10 years. Your aren’t washed? He jokingly asks

Size 8
Size 8

Below are the comments:

ndongarick: You must be very disorganised to let your woman clean your boxers. 😂

i_am_marieantoinette: Kwani what’s a washing machine for?

steffiestephie: Mtu mzima huoga alafu anaacha boxers chafu aje sasa

k.i.s.h._._: Hio haina shida😂mi kenye najiulizangaa na sasa zakayo anaoshanga zake ama😂

kanzi_virtue_warrior: Hakuna mtu anashtuka,do what works for you both,,pressure za upuzi tu🙄

teshmango: Some business we don’t air it to the world.

emilyckirui: Ouch! hawana washing machine.

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