Kenyans react as Prophet Owuor claims responsibility for the outbreak of coronavirus

Prophet Owuor, head of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church, has claimed responsibility for the global coronavirus pandemic, claiming it fulfilled his prophecy.

He warned Kenyans against challenging him, asserting his ability to bring destruction.

“I am the one that brought coronavirus, look how many people died at my words. Kenya, don’t try me. If I destroy you, I will destroy you completely. But for now, I am giving you grace,” Owuor declared in the video.

The event was attended by a large crowd, which included prominent political figures, for spiritual rejuvenation and healing.

Prophet Owuor

Kenyans react

Edith Imisa: “My neighbour from Kakamega collapsed and died juzi Menengai grounds mbona hakumuombea apone dadi akafa? Nko na njaa staki kelele zenyu.”

George Ngeresoo: “My people shall perish because of lack of knowledge.”

Sammy Waweru: “Any curses upon us we send it back to sender our God is merciful God. He can’t let it happen.”

user2927590931752: “We are saying no to any gospel that doesn’t point us back to the lord God hao wengine hatutambui.”

Klebolebo: “A man borne like any other man threatening fellow men as who? I only fear God.”

MarYAH Nyabogi Nawire; “False prophets will all go to hell if they don’t repent. saa hii ni enzi za mwisho makini sana na wahubiri kuna wale watawapeleka kuzimu.”

Gabriella advised:

“God…. please forgive your people. Let’s read our Bibles. Don’t let anyone deceive us.”

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