Eric Omondi comes to the rescue of Mathare family whose roof was removed over rent arrears

Once again, Kenyan comedian and philanthropist Eric Omondi has raised over Sh480,000 for Mathare’s mother, whose roof was taken off by the landlord because of unpaid rent.

Priscilla Waimani, who had visited the mother, who is now known as Florence Odhiambo, initially disclosed the predicament of the mother in question.

After learning about the situation a few hours later, Eric Omondi immediately called on Kenyans to support the mother in need by way of his “Team Sisi Kwa Sisi” initiative.

On January 24, 2024, Omondi informed his supporters that they had successfully raised a minimum of Sh480, 000 for Florence.

“We are at 480K!!! TEAM SISI KWA SISI!!! Tuendelee, today we are changing the life of this widow with her Children forever!!! Keep Sending to her Number 0716492328 (NAME: FLORENCE ODHIAMBO) LETS GOOO!!!,” Omondi updated.

The funnyman promised to change Florence Adhiambo’s situation after her house was rented out after the roof was removed, as she had no other place to stay.

“What the Enemy tries to use to Destroy you is what God uses to UPLIFT you!!! This widow’s roof was removed last Friday Because she had not paid Rent. She has stayed in that house with 2 Children and one baby until today when @priscillawaimani discovered her this evening. You can imagine the Rain over the weekend

(The young one looks a bit sick) WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE HER LIFE TODAY!!! When the sun rises tomorrow HER LIFE and that of her children will be Different. Send her Whatever you can to her Number 0716492328 (NAME: FLORENCE ODHIAMBO) TEAM SISI KWA SISI LETS DO IT!!!,” Omondi shared.

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