Pole sana! Nadia Mukami speaks after being involved in a bad road accident

Nadia Mukami narrowly survived a bad car accident over the weekend.

The singer told her fans that the event had left her shaken.

“Story time. I’ve never experienced what I experienced today. I’m just grateful to God that I’m alive.”


“So today was just like a spiritual attack. I swear to God Yeah..but I don’t know So we got into an accident like we were in different places heading in the same direction and the accident happened at the same time.”

How weird is that?

So us tuliponea, if it was a trailer I would probably not be alive Thank God it was a small vehicle coz the impact on the car is so heavy”

Sadly, a close friend was seriously hurt.

“The other guy I cannot talk much coz of protecting his family and just, not protecting even, just respecting his family coz I in no position, is in a very critical state, very critical state, uh I can’t even explain, but today it was traumatizing, it was…accidents are so traumatizing. But I thank God that I’m alive and I got to go home to my son”

Expressing her gratitude for narrowly escaping unhurt, Nadia added.

“I’ve just reached home. I’ve been in hospital, so the other guy is still in hospital” she continued.

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