Employer begs viral Kenyan househelp Rosie to return, she responds

A video of a trending Kenyan nanny, lovingly referred to as Rosie or Rozah Rozalina Samson, saying goodbye to the kids she looked after over the weekend went viral, making her an online sensation.

The Kenyan nanny employed in Lebanon recently returned for a holiday to her native country, Kenya, leaving four young children who had grown quite close to her.

The kids are shown sadly saying goodbye to their cherished caregiver at the airport in a video that Rosie’s employers posted on TikTok.

The poignant moment has sparked discussions about the close relationship between Rosie and the kids she cared for among fans all over the world.

In a TikTok video, Maria Cataleya, the Lebanese boss behind the account, begged Rosie to come back, expressing her desperation.

In the emotional plea, she said, “I need like six people in place of her. Try to appreciate Rosie when you see her on the streets. Tell her to come back to us, please. Mummy misses her, the kids miss her. I can’t go out alone with my husband. I can’t travel anymore.”

The video has sparked an outpouring of support and messages from fans, with many expressing their admiration for Rosie’s dedication and the profound impact she had on the lives of the children.

Rosie who is currently in Kenya to visit her family and children, assured her Lebanese employers in another video that she would be returning.

The father of the now viral twins took to TikTok using his handle, ☆ saying, “Rosie, I wish you a happy life with your children. I hope that you will come after a while with your children to Lebanon. Just a visit.”

While his wife, soukita92@ added, “Rosie, come back to Lebanon soon for Mimi and Kitty❤”

Rosie responded, “inshaallah.” She revealed that her own children are in good hands with her sister in Kenya but would remain there due to their schooling commitments.

“The kids are with my sister, but they are doing well. I promise I will come back, but I will not bring the kids with me because they are in school in Kenya,” Rosie reassured her Lebanese employers.

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