Diana Marua says she made out with another guy while her boyfriend was driving

Content creator and rapper, Diana Marua, who is also the wife of artist Bahati Kioko, has revealed that she has intimately kissed a woman twice before.

Diana made the revelation during a truth or dare game that the two were participating in.

Bahati asked Diana Marua if she had ever kissed and even been in a romantic relationship with someone of the same sex as her.

Diana replied saying that ‘Yes’ she had kissed another woman but that she has never been in a romantic relationship with a woman.

“Nimewahi pigana mabusu lakini sijawahi kuwa kwenye mahusiano. Ni kitambo huko nyuma katika siku za tafrija. Nilipigana mabusu kama mara mbili hivi, moja nilikuwa nimelewa na nyingine nilikuwa timamu,” Diana answered.

Bahati jokingly told her that now he will start to control some of his wife’s friends. The artist then asked his wife whether she had ever done anything illegal.

“Hakuna kitu kingine kinyume cha sheria ambacho nimekifanya kando na kuvuta bangi,” she retorted.

Initially, Bahati told his wife that his biggest fear about being in a relationship with her is fear when he thinks that one day his wife will find him cheating with another woman

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