Christina Shusho announces end-year concert in Nairobi, Kenyans can’t keep calm

In addition to her uplifting tunes, Tanzanian gospel icon Christina Shusho is still making waves after winning the Magic Vibe Awards 2023’s Best East Africa Gospel.

She has been thrust into the spotlight by her recognition, which has sparked conversations on social media, especially Twitter, where she has gained notice for her distinctive method of writing music that draws inspiration directly from the Gospel.

Christina Shusho’s approach of using straight passages from the Bible in her songs has caused listeners to disagree, even though her victory at the Magic Vibe Awards recognized her talent as a musician.

Christina Shusho announces end-year concert in Nairobi
Christina Shusho announces end-year concert in Nairobi

She is hailed by some in the gospel music industry as a shining example of spiritual depth and authenticity.

To show love for her Kenyan fans, Christina Shusho has now announced a major concert to be held in Nairobi before the end of year.

“Due to increasing demands for a concert in Kenya my team and I are working with @MwalimChurchill to have a concert on the 31st December 2023..” she wrote on her Twitter account.

Here’re some reactions from Kenyans: 

@Gideon_Kitheka: Welcome Kenya. I will bring you Kienyeji Mangoes 🥭 from Ukambani.

@bildadwafula: Tunashukuru Upako wa Nyimbo zako

@NairobiDreamer: Turuke, tulie na tupige nduru. Ruto ametumaliza

@polo_kimanii: Ooh yes,praise jesus,huku ndio tunarukia mwaka,Are atheists allowed?

@DrDennisOuma: Umekaribishwa kenya Christina Shusho(kiswahili yangu imeisha). You are highly welcome to our great country Kenya.

@sonofmethusael: Karibu sana utukumbatie roho,Ruto atatumaliza

@zionpearl: Acha uongo Christina. Increasing demands from where and by whom? Wewe njoo Kenya ufanye concert ukitaka. The only person you’ve been fooling these past few days is yourself

@BrianMPeter: Welcome to Kenya Christina Shusho as we prepare for an unforgettable musical celebration.

@marcusolang: Ninachoomba ni nafasi ya kupiga picha – behind the scenes, concert day all access. (Kwa upande wangu Kiswahili kimeisha.)

@antony_githendu: we want to end the year in your concert 🙏🏾 it’s been a hectic year for kenyans😭😹😹

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