Bahati celebrates daughter Mueni’s 7th birthday in beautiful message

As his daughter Mueni grew a year older, Bahati wrote a letter to celebrate her.

Mueni received a touching letter from Bahati in which he assured her that she will always hold a special place in his heart. The father of five vowed to stay in her life indefinitely as well.

“My daughter as you Turn 7 Today I would like to remind you of 3 things, you are loved and treasured and I will forever be by your side. Remember that you will always have a special place in my heart, to me you are irreplaceable and lastly, you can always count on me. One of the reasons I work hard today is to give you a better tomorrow,” he said.

Bahati went ahead and even dared his daughter to ask for any gift she desires for her birthday.

“Happy birthday my princess Mueni Bahati. Just tell me that one birthday gift that you want and I will get it for you,” he added.

Mueni’s mother and Bahati ex-fiancĂ©e Yvette, also congratulated her daughter, stating that the seven years had not been easy. Yvette reflected on her motherhood journey, saying that God had made it easy for her.

“When I tell you this journey hasn’t been easy wueee but who is God who is God? With everything said and done, with everything thrown at me you’re still my baby Mueni. I love you more than anything my love. Happy significant 7 Yvanna,” she said.

Yvette, Bahati’s first wife, described her daughter as ‘beautiful, intelligent, smart, jovial, loving, and goofy.

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