Samidoh reunites with his children in America, Edday Nderitu missing in action

Such a beautiful day!

Mugithi star Samuel Muchoki, known as Samidoh, has reunited with his children in Boston, USA.

His daughter, Shirleen Muchoki, shared the news on Instagram, expressing her joy and excitement at meeting her father.

The timing of their reunion remains unclear, but the young queen is excited about the reunion.

“Wow, such a beautiful day, my father is finally here, we’ve missed you, welcome to Boston,” Shirleen said in her Monday morning post.

Samidoh with Edday Nderitu
Samidoh with Edday Nderitu

She shared beautiful pictures of the Mugithi singer enjoying quality time with her and her younger brother at the airport.

However, Samidoh`s first wife, Edday Nderitu, and their youngest child were not visible in the photos, and it’s unclear if they were present.

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His first wife, Edday Nderitu, left Kenya and moved to the USA with their three children early last year, following numerous dramas in their over-a-decade-long marriage.

“Let me clarify a few things that were shared online and are not correct. I am not in a polygamous marriage. As reported, I left my husband for anyone who wanted him more,” Edday said via Facebook.

Edday Nderitu with her kids
Edday Nderitu with her kids

She added, “I made the decision to remove myself and my children from that toxic environment, especially my young daughter who unfortunately was witnessing directly the unreliable behavior displayed.”

She emphasized that she has no regrets about leaving her marriage and openly stated that she has been able to raise her children without any assistance.

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