TikToker Nyako begs Raila Odinga’s wife to intervene after her leaked videos

Days after her ex-lover leaked her personal videos, TikToker Nyako urged Raila Odinga’s wife Ida to speak out against the harassment women endure.

Nyako urged Ida Odinga to fight for women and vowed to deal with her ex-boyfriend who had leaked her videos.

Nyako, who was speaking to Ida on her live TikTok, asked her to keep encouraging girls and expressed her desire to meet the opposition leader’s wife.

“I would request you, with your title, with all dignity, to continue protecting the girl child. Men are targeting women, and women are being mistreated out here, and things are being done to women without their consent. It is okay. Nobody is waking up and saying no, this is not right. So Mama Odinga, rise to the occasion,” she said.

Nyako also noted that all Kenyans should have condemned what happened to her after her ex leaked videos of her private moments.
How Nyako intends to deal with salty ex

She also blasted Kenyans for ‘throwing stones’ at her rather than standing with her, as it only makes it worse.

“The same men who should be standing up and protecting me are laughing about it in front of Dr Odinga. Dr Ezekiel is the head of the entertainment industry, and protocol was not observed. Maybe he saw the video, too. Those are the people who should have stood up for me and said no,” she added.

The mother of three also vowed to handle her ex, Big Daddy, who is allegedly behind the videos leaking and maintained that it may take time but she will deal with him.

“Time heals. The fact that I make fun of it doesn’t mean I am happy about it. My request is may what happened to me, me being recorded without my knowledge, without my consent, may this not happen to any woman out there because you don’t know how it feels until it happens to you. I am going to take care of Big Daddy; I will take care of that guy,” she further said.

TikToker Nyako begs Raila Odinga's wife to intervene after her leaked videos
TikToker Nyako begs Raila Odinga’s wife to intervene after her leaked videos

Here are some of the reactions from social media users:

@caro said: “As women we should also try to respect ourselves to avoid some shame, though it’s human to fall.”

@marie said: “But kwa ukweli, this is painful. No woman can be happy to see her parts being exposed online. Justice for Nyako.”

@Nurse AJ said: “Wanawake wajiheshimu, period. Muwache kujifanya victims even when you are wrong.”

@faith said: “Everyone deserves a second chance. Hakuna mtu fafanyi makosa.”

@ProudLuo said:

“This message should go to the first lady, not Ida.”

@Nanya said: “Why not go to court and settle it there.”

@didi said: “Nyako’s behaviour is questionable. However, a normal man would not do what Big Daddy did.”

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