Mark Masai to feature in new Showmax series as ‘Detective’

Former NTV anchorMark Masai has finally entered the world of acting, months after leaving mainstream journalism.

Masai will appear as a detective in the new Showmax series Faithless.

In an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, the former news anchor discussed his job and how he got into acting.

Most people remember him from his days as a writer at Nation Media Group, but he is also an MC, voice-over artist, and public relations practitioner.

The media personality claims he began acting while still working as a journalist for Nation Media Group.

“I trained as a journalist and was working in a newsroom but I always had this passion for acting and my good friends there connected me,” Mark said.

He plays the role of Detective Henry in the series and he says that he was actually called and asked if he wanted to be a part of the cast and he accepted.

“They called I answered and I went for casting and landed that role”

The actor says that his role as a detective and a journalist kind of intermingle and relate with each other.

“As a detective, I am looking for answers something that is relatable to my journalism career that involves looking for answers”

The detective has a knack for getting bad people because he has a passion for helping victims and people in trouble.

Mark Maasai
Mark Maasai

But when we come back to Mark Maasai he has a passion for finding out the truth and letting people know what they should know.

Mark believes that the characters in the film and outside of the film are relatable since they are both looking for answers, but how they use those answers is what distinguishes them.

He added that he has already been approached to appear in another series when this one concludes, but he is holding off because he wants to see how people react to his role in this series first.

He will probably do more acting depending on how people react and if they love it.

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