Kiambu lady reveals how she uses witchcraft to trap men to bed

A stunning young woman has revealed the strategies she uses to trick men into giving her money.

Joyce Wairimu, a Kiambu woman, talks about her encounters with witchcraft.

According to Joyce Wairimu, her desperate search for a fulfilling life brought her to a hustle where she met a witch doctor.

The unmarried mother of one child, who began drinking and clubbing after graduating from high school, claimed to have targeted patrons of bars and clubs.

Speaking with, Wairimu revealed that she used to add magical substances to the drinks of her intended clientele.

“You had to be smart since you cannot be openly spiking drinks in the bar. There was a substance I was given that I would put in my mouth. I would take the drink first to mix the substance with what they are drinking and then give the drink back to them,” she claimed.

Wairimu from Kiambu said she had a good relationship with her witch doctor, who would upgrade her tactics.

She shared she was given several magic substances including body lotion and demonic spirits in the form of flour.

“The perfume and lotion I was given made my clients see me glowing. They would see an attractive woman, drawing them closer to me. The flour that I was given helped me lure married men to my bed and give me exactly what I wanted.

I would wake up at 3am and pray while facing a different direction as I cast a spell on the name of the person I wanted. They would call me during the day saying they wanted to see me, and that is how I would get the favour I wanted from them,” she noted.

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