“I failed in KCSE but I am successful” – Journalist Larry Madowo declares

CNN journalist Larry Madowo shared his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and advised 2023 candidates on Facebook.

Despite failing his grade, Madowo managed 45 foreign trips in the previous year and emphasized that his grades did not limit him from visiting 27 countries.

He urged candidates not to feel limited by their grades.

“I ‘failed’ KCSE but I did 45 foreign trips last year – 27 countries. My B- in the national exam was so bad I was getting pushed to repeat Form 4! Mtu asikupimie hewa,” he said.

To accompany the caption, Madowo posted a compilation of videos from the trips that he made in the previous year to different countries.

The video had the caption, ‘2023 RECAP. 27 countries in 3 minutes.’

The video begins with the journalist in a scooter, he is then seen waiting for a train and then boarding it.

After that, he can be seen in a bus that is driven inside a water body that looks like a lake.

The journalist is then seen visiting Egypt in the video. He shared the experiences he had during his visit.

He also shared his experience in Switzerland, Portugal, Morocco, Nepal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Norway, the United States of America, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Botswana, England, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Slovakia, France, Sudan, Ethiopia, India, Hungary, Spain, Chad, Austria, Cote D’Ivoire and Senegal.

In most of the clips, Madowo could be seen having fun as he danced along to the music in the different countries.

He interacted with the residents and shared laughter with them.

In other clips, he was experiencing the nightlife in the countries and trying their cuisines.

Some clips also showed him doing his work.

One common thing in the clips is that Madowo did not forget to wear his broad smile as he visited and interacted with the people in the different countries.

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