Tanzanian Bongo artiste Aslay Isihaka popularly known as Dogo Aslay came out to say that he’d choose to date socialite Huddah Monroe over vivacious Vera Sidika.

The singer mentioned this in an interview with Milele FM, after he was asked who he would date between the two socialites. He however, did not mention the reason why he picked Huddah.

The Tanzanian singer went ahead to say that in Tanzania, he would date singer Maua Sama over Ninogeshe hit maker Nandy.

Asked whether they would do one song together as Yamoto band, Aslay disclosed that he had doubts whether they would work together, since all of them were already established brands, with different managements who would probably not consider the idea.

Kila mtu ashatengeneza brand yake, ndio maana kila mtu ambaye anataka kukutanisha Yamoto basi aeke mzigo tu hapo kwa maana mwisho was siku kila mtu ana management yake na ikona ukali wake ma uzuri wake. Mi naeza kasema sawa nitafanya akaja Beka na management yake kasema kitu Fulani akaja Mbosso akasema hivi. Mi nafikiria tuangalie ya Mbele,” said Aslay.

Singer Aslay opens up on his beef with WCB singer Mbosso
Singer Aslay says he would choose Huddah over Vera Sidika

The singer added that he had doubts whether the group would reunite after splitting in 2015. The group had already received massive recognition and support all over East Africa.

They split over financial issues since the group was not making enough money.