“Hakuna shule iko karibu” – Omosh explains why he has not relocated to house he was gifted 2 years ago

After Omosh begged Kenyans for assistance, a Good Samaritan gave a 3-bedroom house with a master ensuite, but it is still vacant.

Actor Joseph Kinuthia, also known as Omosh Kizangila from “Tahidi High,” has explained why he hasn’t yet moved into the new home that a kind well-wisher built for him in 2021.

Following Omosh’s request for financial support from Kenyans, this action was taken. The home was constructed by Kathy Andrew, the CEO and founder of Sung Timber, and her friends. It has three bedrooms, a master ensuite, and an American open kitchen.

Omosh admitted, however, that the house is currently uninhabited due to some practical considerations, particularly those pertaining to his children’s schooling, in an interview with Nicholas Kioko on August 21.

He clarified that although he eventually plans to move in, the location of the closest school currently makes it difficult because it may require his children to travel a considerable distance.

He emphasizes that the house retains a particular place in his heart as their genuine home and that he hopes to move once they are a little older.

“The house is still there. Kuna logistics mi huangalianga kama Watoto kuchange shule. Hao iko lakini sasa the nearest chuo ni ka distance. Ntakua naumiza huyo mtoi kama ni kuenda asubuhi na kurudi jioni. Wakishagrow tutaenda tu. Hao ni yetu. Huko ni home,” Omosh said.

A significant factor in Omosh’s life transformation has been his journey to overcome alcoholism and smoking. After turning to faith, he has successfully made the transition.

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Omosh acknowledged that life presents its challenges, but his faith has fortified him. Reflecting on his past, he admitted to trying to manage on his own, even admitting to going back to ‘factory settings’ to turn over a new leaf.

“At the moment niko fiti. Life inakuanga na machallenges zake, but God amenisikia. Nilikam kurealise there are some many things nilijaribu kufanya on my own, nilikua nakaa train but nilifight kutoka,” he said.

The decision to quit alcohol was driven by painful experiences. Memories of violent behavior, loss of appetite, and financial strain weighed heavily on Omosh.

Former Tahidi High actor, Omosh

This realisation was heightened when he witnessed the tragic loss of two friends in 2022, leading him to reflect on his own path.

Omosh – I have not divorced my wives, my family is intact

Family remains a cornerstone of Omosh’s life. Despite his personal struggles, he remains committed to his family.

Omosh confirmed that he hasn’t divorced any of his wives like most people thought. His family is very intact.

“Mi sijawahi divorce. Niko na familia yangu, watu wangu, watoto wangu na tuko intact!” he said.

Omosh Kizangila

During his recent hiatus from the public eye, he invested his time in reconnecting with loved ones, visiting schools, and spending time with friends and neighbors.

While Omosh envisions a resilient comeback in the entertainment world, he currently relies on an ambassadorial role acquired with the aid of a friend for his financial stability.

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