Shatta Bway honors his late wife, buries her with his dreadlock

Shatta Bway, a Royal Media Services radio presenter, paid respect to his late wife Becky by removing one of his distinctive dreadlocks.

While speaking to the mourning, the media personality praised the late woman, saying she was a caring and protective wife.

Shatta revealed that when he began dotting dreads, Becky was concerned about why he was going in that path.

“I explained to her that I would be donating one every time I found a worthwhile course because these locks are like a crown for my kingdom,” he stated.

As a result, it was painful that the first dreadlock he let go of the 31 he’d been having was in honor of his beloved Becky.

He requested that his young daughter, who was clearly taken aback by the decision, come over with scissors and cut the dreadlock.

It was an emotional moment as the television celebrity observed a minute of silence before placing his wife’s dreadlock on her casket.

He wished her luck in the afterlife, adding that she should always rest in the knowledge that he loved her wholeheartedly.

Shatta hoped that by letting go, he could allow his sweetheart to carry a physical manifestation of their love even in her grave, honoring the memories they built while she was still alive.

Clearly, the locks that have been a part of their relationship have symbolized the link and connection they have enjoyed throughout the years.

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