He’s not the only man! Karen Nyamu reacts to Samidoh’s claim that the 420k alcohol gift was fake

Karen Nyamu has reacted to Samidoh’s claim that the 420k liquor gift she got for him on Father’s Day was fake.

In response to a fan’s question regarding the present, the mugithi musician revealed that the entire narrative was staged by his girlfriend, Karen Nyamu, on social media.

“Hizo ni vipindiree za social media. Usichukulie serious Sana, naeza rogwa bure”, Samidoh wrote.

Karen quickly returned the clap and informed her baby daddy that he is not the only Mbaba in her life.

Karen Nyamu stated in response to a fan’s comment that she never listed Samidoh as the receiver of the luxury booze present. She also stated that Samidoh’s ‘kiherehere’ is a bad quality.

The fan’s comment read, “Kababa amesema hakuna pombe ya 420 ulimnunulia, eti hizo ni story za jaba”.

Karen responded, “Kuna mahali nilimtaja, I have a dad and two baby daddies kiherehere sio poa”.

This comes just after Sue Gacambi exposed Karen Nyamu’s 420k liquor story as an advert for a certain liquor store.

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