Police arrest Muranga traders for selling painted avocados to naive customers

Murang’a County police officers have detained vendors from Kaharati market on Tuesday, July 11 for selling painted avocados to naive buyers.

The prompt move was taken in response to an internet video clip depicting a disgruntled buyer who had recently purchased the deceptively altered fruits from a bustling market.

“We can not continue like this, we have to come up with a way forward. I understand you seeking to make ends meet, but you need to conduct honest business that does not put the consumer at risk,” one of the officers stated.

Police officers cautioned the trader who was hoodwinking Murang’a residents. It was reported that a substantial chunk of the buyers purchased the fruits while still in their cars meaning they did not pay close attention to quality.

The officers urged the traders, to be honest and to avoid soiling the bustling market’s reputation.

Furthermore, he lamented that some of the traders were stealing the fruits from other people’s farms and painting them to avoid getting caught.

“We will start following up to know where you got the fruits from. Cases of theft have increased in the area and must be stopped,” he added.

In addition to the fraudulent practice of painting avocados, it was reported that the traders in Kaharati market had gone to the extent of injecting bananas with substances to give them the appearance of ripeness. Experts observe that these adulterated fruits are unfit for human consumption.

In the viral clip, the lady was depicted complaining about the quality of the fruits after washing paint off avocados she allegedly bought at the market.

“At first, I thought the avocados were mature but unripe, so I set them aside to ripen. After a while, I realised that the avocados are not ripe but rotten. I have incurred losses,” she narrated.

“I realised they have been painted to attract the buyers. I think we may be taking poison at this point, what is this used to paint the fruit,” the lady complained.

She lamented that the traders were greedy and impatient, looking for quick money possibly due to the current tough economic climate.

Buyers are advised to be cautious while buying foodstuff on the road to avoid health complications.

In the past, concerns have been raised over the quality of yogurt, fries, samosas, bananas, and fried chicken sold by the roadside in most Kenyan cities and towns.

After investigations found that unscrupulous vendors were repackaging expired commodities and marketing them as new, the Nairobi County Government cautioned Kenyans to be cautious when purchasing groceries in March 2023.

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