Police officer arrested for helping protesters throw stones at his colleagues

There was some uncertainty after police personnel confronting demonstrators on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway discovered that one of their own was collaborating with the citizens to throw stones at them.

A further investigation revealed that Makueni Police constable Evans Otieno was collaborating with the demonstrators rather than his colleagues.

He was observed engaging in this breach of professionalism in the Emali region on Wednesday, July 19 and Thursday, July 20, the latter date on which he was arrested.

According to a police complaint from Makueni, the officer was caught engaging a group of demonstrators who had blocked the road and were hurling stones at motorists on the

“Please be informed that No.117670 Police Constable Evans Otieno was arrested today, July 20, 2023 along Mombasa-Nairobi highway at Emali. He was arrested for talking to a group of men who were barricading the road and pelting stones at motorists,” detailed the report that has raised eyebrows in the public.

The constable is suspected to have joined the protesters who blocked the road and paralysed activities on Wednesday, July 19 and Thursday, July 20.

“The officer was also seen by his colleagues yesterday, July 19, 2023 . He was seen among a group of rioters that were pelting stones at police officers from Emali Police Station,” the report continued.

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