“Mko na baby daddy pilot?” – Jackie Matubia in tears as ex-lover flies her on first class to Cape Town

On July 13, actress Jackie Matubia departed on an adventure-filled vacation to South Africa and shared her adventures through her fascinating Instagram stories.

The ‘Salem’ actor invited her fans along for the voyage, recording excitement, emotional thoughts, and even some playful banter about her pilot baby daddy.

Matubia began her journey by flying Kenya Airways First Class, reveling in the amenities of first-class travel.

She documented her stay on Instagram, showing off her comfy surroundings and superb service.

Her visit inside the cockpit, however, sparked the most interest among her fans.

She boasted about her pilot baby daddy, Kennedy Njogu, while posing with the pilots. She joked about upcoming flights with her daughter Zari.

“This seat (co-pilot’s) will soon be Zari’s seat flying with her daddy. Mko na baby daddies pilots ama you can explain,” Jackie jorked.

Jackie Matubia in tears as ex-lover flies her on first class to Cape Town
Jackie Matubia in tears as ex-lover flies her on first class to Cape Town

Throughout the flight, Matubia experienced a surge of emotions that left a lasting impact. She openly admitted to shedding tears as she landed in Cape Town, describing the trip as deeply personal.

“This trip is so personal…when I was landing, I cried a good one. My close friends know how personal this trip is. Work hard and live,” she wrote.

Matubia and Kennedy Njogu have managed to maintain an amicable co-parenting dynamic.

Recently, they proudly attended their daughter Zari’s graduation together, an event that marked an important milestone in their child’s life.

Matubia shared photos of their lunch date and expressed her heartfelt appreciation for God’s goodness in her life.

“Today, my heart is full of God’s goodness in my life. My daughter is graduating today to upper school, and honestly, it’s been a journey. God, thank you.”

Jackie Matubia got engaged to actor Blessing Lung’aho in April 2022. However, there have been speculations that their relationship has hit rock bottom. Neither of them have come out to clear the rumours.

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