“Naomba Samidoh na Edday warudiane ili tuishi kama familia moja kubwa,” Karen Nyamu says

In contrast to a previous post where she boasted about having the Mugithi singer all to herself, Karen Nyamu has since stated that she does not wish to have Samidoh to herself.

While interacting with her supporters on Facebook, the UDA-nominated senator shared how she prayed for Samidoh and his wife Edday Nderitu to reconcile.

“#nothingbutprayer one day Edday family will unite again,” Piuri Stacy commented on Karen Nyamu’s post.

In a quick rejoinder, Nyamu told Piuri Stacy that it was also her prayer that the reunion happens so that they could be a big family.

“Piuri Stacy it is our prayer too. Tukue one big family,” Karen Nyamu responded.

Karen Nyamu also strongly denied claims that she had ‘married’ Samidoh and kept him at her own home.

“Help Samidoh pia atoke kwako akiwa na kakitu. Uliolewa na hukai kwa mwanaume,” Totoke Nimmoh told Karen Nyamu.

The mother of three responded saying that Samidoh is a millionaire and that she doesn’t date broke men.

“Totoke Nimmoh yule ni millionaire mama. We don’t date broke men sorry,” Karen Nyamu responded.

“Hio ni uongo umemueka tunajua,” Totoke Nimmoh fired back.

“Hehehe thanks kwa kunitambua hivyo I’m very flattered. But simple google can tell you who he is,” Karen Nyamu told Totoke.

Edday recently asked (albeit sarcastically) if Samidoh had been married after she was informed about what her husband was doing in Karen Nyamu’s house.

Nyamu and Samidoh have been enjoying quality time together ever since Edday and her three children left for the US a month ago.

The two lovebirds were seen goofing around at home in a video that Samidoh gladly shared on TikTok.

The release of the video coincided with rumors of a dispute between Samidoh and Edday. This became more clear after some online users told the mother of three that her husband had been sleeping at Karen Nyamu’s home.

When Edday heard the news, he made a subtle jab at Samidoh for asking out loud if her husband had been married.

“Imgn Sammy alilala kwa nyamu… but may your wish be granted,” a netizen commented on Edday’s TikTok post.

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