“I am rich” – Eric Omondi flaunts millions of money after Oga Obinna linked him to ‘Wash Wash’

Eric Omondi has clashed with fellow comedian Oga Obinna after the former Kiss100 presenter’s video in which he purported to unravel eric omondi’s actions and intentions.

He was alluding to the several charity campaigns he has been undertaking in which he travels across the country dishing out either fury or sugar to people, and he has also been paying fines and bail for petty offenders who could not raise the money themselves.

Eric Omondi has already retaliated against his comedy colleague, blasting him out for sticking his nose into his affairs while doing little to aid Kenyans.

Kenyans have reacted angrily to what Oga Obinna published, demanding him to put his money where his mouth is and, since he is calling for structural change, to get off his ramp and show Eric how.

“I have WARNED you twice!!! But now you have crossed the line!!! Unaongea mob sanaaa…What have you done to help anyone. I will deal with you once and for all. I warned you never to mention my name ever again,” Eric he wrote.

Eric Omondi has now pulled a Mike Sonko by taking to social media to flaunt what he claims is Sh13 million to show how rich he is.

The comedian did so in direct response to Oga Obinna, who has accused him of being a political plant.

This is an escalation of their feud, and maybe the two comedians will take their grievances to the jokes board and provide us with some hot stuff.

Watch the video below:

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