SHOCK! Kakamega woman gets pregnant months after husband underwent vasectomy

Despite the fact that her husband had undergone a vasectomy, a woman from Kakamega County’s Shikoti village has shocked the family after getting pregn*nt

When Medgclay and Beryl decided that Medgclay would have a vase*tomy in the middle of last year, they were 36 and 33 years old, respectively, and had three children.

He got the treatment in a hospital in Navakholo on July 12, 2022 where local medical professionals performed the procedure with the help of a non-governmental group.

“I felt like we have always left family planning to women and so after we got three children I wanted to take the responsibility and go through the procedure myself,” Medgclay said in an interview Citizen TV.

However, according to his wife, he had doubts about the choice.

“I was afraid it would negatively affect our se*ual life, but I realized it even got better!”

“I had been told that we would be safe twenty ejac*lations after the procedure, which is three months or thereabouts, so until October we knew we were safe.”

The two are now expecting their fourth child in June of this year.

“It was such a stressful time for us because my wife had undergone two CSs prior to that,” he says.

Dr. Dora Amakobe, said the procedure might fail if the patient does not follow the full instructions of the doctor.

“Due to the length of the vas deferens, you could cut a part of it but semen has lined up to the urethra, so if you engage in s*x almost immediately after the procedure, there is a likelihood of causing a pr*gn*ncy so we advise our clients to use prot*ction,” Amakobe says.

According to the wife, they trust each other with her husband.

“We trust each other and we are believers so there have never had issues of fearing the other party might be up to something bad,” she says.

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