“My husband is not a cheater” – Karen Nyamu defends Samidoh over cheating claims

To dispel allegations that Samidoh has been seeing other women behind her back, Karen Nyamu has stepped forward.

After US-based promoter Sue Gacambi claimed that Samidoh is a notorious skirt-chaser, the UDA-nominated senator addressed charges that the singer is cheating on her.

A nasty catfight between Nyamu and Gacambi raged on social media for the whole of this week.

Following the drama, Karen Nyamu posted on Facebook, and there were comments about Samidoh’s supposed philandering ways. She responded to some of the issues mentioned.

“Women: You don’t have to do everything, you don’t have to be a supermom, a super housewife, a super professional, a superwoman. Because when your body claims you, there will be few who will remember you tried to be all in one!

“So get out of the house, travel, walk, workout, go to the park, go to a gym, eat what provokes you, fix yourself, sleep later, put on clothes you like, be yourself, take care of yourself, love yourself, say no sometimes and do it EXCLUSIVELY for YOU!!

Children grow up and leave, husbands don’t always stay, work can easily replace you, the house will get dirty again, but your emotional health is also important and you may not get a second chance🤗🤗❤️,” Karen Nyamu wrote on Facebook on Friday, July 7, 2023.

“Practice what you have said above. You are self neglecting yourself by letting a man play you like a kid. Respect yourself you are a hardworking woman. You name is trending here in USA so badly have some self love gal,” Martha Mburu commented on Karen Nyamu’s post.

In a quick rejoinder, Nyamu told Martha Mburu that Samidoh had not played her and that she didn’t care if she was trending for a good or bad reason.

“Martha Mburu My man has not played me. However, you are free to make up stories and believe them. A name trending is not for everybody. Badly or “goodly” we love to trend,” Nyamu responded.

Sue Gacambi taunted Karen Nyamu claiming that Samidoh was only using her to ‘ease’ himself anytime he feels sexually excited.

The US-based promoter claimed she was among many women who had experienced the taste of Samidoh’s family jewels.

“Edday akakuachia Samidoh akasema chukua bwana yangu akasema fanya venye unataka na yeye. Amekuachia Samidoh Kenya, Samidoh hakupost, Samidoh hakuoi, Samidoh hakupatii pete, Samidoh ni kukunyandua anytime akitaka kukunyandua.

Akiskia h*rny na hajapata kadem kengine anywhere else kwa sababu tuko wengi my dear, tuko wengi tunapenda Samidoh tunapenda kuskia hio mjulus yake,” Sue ranted in a Facebook Live session.

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