“Nahitaji viti na pesa za kuanzisha biashara” – Stivo Simple Boy pleads with Kenyans to help him

Over the last few days, Kenyan rapper Stephen Otieno alias “Stivo Simple Boy” has been in the limelight after his wife Grace Atieno spoke out about his financial troubles.

His management also released a press statement saying they would be cutting ties with the “Freshi Barida” singer.

In an interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya Grace said: “If you see that right now he is not releasing any songs, it’s because he is going through a lot and he is afraid of talking it out. Sometimes we even miss food.

He does not even know how much he gets paid during a show because management takes everything. If you see his accounts, he is not getting money from them. I share his pain. He is suffering. He does not have anything. Kenyans think he is living a good life, but it is not the case.”

His management Men In Business released a statement on Monday, June 26, 2023,  saying they have decided to part ways with Stivo.

“This letter serves as a notice to you of our intent to terminate the contract in a lawful and in accordance with the protocols.

We would like to notify you that we no longer wish to proceed with our musical contract with you. This letter serves as a notice to you. “

After his story went viral, several celebrities and businesspeople came out offering to help him.

However, in an interview with the Standard, Stivo said that no one has actually reached out to offer assistance so far.

Although Mulamwah provided him with Ksh 5,000 and his wife with Ksh 3,000, Stivo mentioned that no one else has extended support.

He expressed disappointment, stating that many individuals who had claimed online that they would help did so merely for attention or “clout.”

When asked about the possibility that people couldn’t reach him, he responded by asserting that most of them hadn’t genuinely attempted to get in touch.

He emphasized that if there are genuinely compassionate individuals willing to offer assistance, the specific things they require are furniture for their house, support to start a business for both him and his wife, as well as potential sponsorship or brand partnerships.

The artiste also expressed gratitude to his wife for being the first to notice that he was struggling to make ends meet and informing the public.

He also mentioned facing difficulties in accessing his social media accounts and shared that they are working on retrieving the passwords and logins.

The Haya Basi singer said he would be open to finding a serious manager who would not take advantage of him and could assist him with his music.

Furthermore, he revealed his dream of establishing his own foundation called the Simple Foundation, aimed at helping orphans and those in need.

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