Royal Media Services Rewards Dandora Teacher Who Sings And Dances For Students While Teaching CBC

The 8-4-4 System, in use since the 1980s, will shortly be replaced by the competency-based curriculum.

Given that the majority of the disciplines are practical in nature, the new System has prompted teachers to be more inventive.

One of the educators who has embraced the new system is Teacher Pius Mungai of Dandora Primary School. As a result, his classes are now very engaging.

The father of three who mixes singing and dancing into his teachings has made it simple for the fifth-grade students to understand the material so thoroughly.

When citizen TV came in, the imaginative instructor was teaching a social studies lesson to a fifth-grade pupils.

To help learners memorize the names of major rivers in Kenya, Mr mungai could be heard leading the excited learners in the song with names of rivers such as Tana, Athi and yala among others as lyrics.

While addressing the media, he expressed his happiness with what he is doing saying even colleagues from other schools who have come across his content on TikTok are now calling to inform him that they have embraced his songs in teaching.

His good work has at the same time cought the attention of a travel company which has offered to reward him with a 3 day fully-paid tour to Mombasa in recognition of what he is doing.

According to the management of viu-travel, mr Mungai’s unique style of teaching has made most learners to love education.

On his side, the teacher said he will be accompanied by the love of his life to Mombasa for the holiday.

Indeed, the best work will never go unrewarded.

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