BBC fires Kenyan journalist Ciru Muriuki after 5 years at the media house

Ciru Muriuki, a well-known media figure, has spoken out for the first time about being let off by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Muriuki confessed in a social media update that she was among the staff hit by the worldwide media house’s recent redundancy.

“I was laid off, in other words, I was retrenched.

I was working at this large international media house for 5 years and last year they let the large staff know that they wanted to take a different direction and wanted to do a digital-first approach and as a result some roles will be made redundant.

Right now I’m an under-employed journalist,” Ciru Muriuki said in her opening statement.

She went on to narrate that she was sharing her experience to encourage people who might be going through the same.

Ms. Muriuki further acknowledged that she will be making a few changes in her life to accommodate the new reality.

“One of the reasons why I have wanted to talk about this is because people think there is some kind of shame in acknowledging that you have lost your job.

These are really tough economic times… there is life after losing your full-time employment. There are people I know who have never been employed and they are thriving..,” Ciru said.


“I have been retrenched and I’m not throwing myself fully into content creation but I hope to thrive there as well”.

Ciru Muriuki
Ciru Muriuki

According to the journalist, she would provide weekly updates to her supporters on what she will be doing.

She also vowed to reveal her weight reduction experience after recently losing a few kilograms.

“I have had a regular paycheck for over a decade now and this is somehow a shock to the system. I have had to make adjustments to my lifestyle,” Ciru said.

Because of the financial security that comes with a regular paycheck, the former BBC reporter revealed that she had settled into a little comfort zone and was not thinking outside the box.

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