Embarambamba now wants to take Diana Marua to Kisii: “Nitampeleka kwa ndizi”

Embarambamba, a Kisii gospel singer, has indicated a wish to work with Diana Marua, the singer Bahati’s wife.

Embarambamba, who is well-known for his bizarre dance skills and outrageous antics, wants to work with Diana to produce a successful song.

When Diana posted some of his films on social media, the singer was thrilled and was moved to ask her for a possible collaboration.

Embarambamba is confident that their collaboration will be a great success due to their distinctive blend of styles and personalities.

He even has the intention of taking Diana to Kisii, the location of his upbringing, where they would confront dirt and banana fields.

“I was glad when Diana posted my videos. That made me think about dropping a collabo with her. I’m convinced that our collabo would be a hit if Bahati allows me to use Diana the way I want in the collabo.

I will take Diana to Kisii where there is mud and banana plantation. That will leave her in need of a month-long makeup recovery. Because I will apply mud on her as make-up,” Embarambamba said.

Embarambamba defends his controversial outfit

Speaking during a recent interview, the gospel artiste revealed he was aware there were those who would judge him for wearing a female outfit.

However, since he personally chose the outfit for himself, Embarambamba went on to reveal that he would not let any negative criticism get to him.

Embarambamba now wants to take Diana Marua to Kisii
Embarambamba now wants to take Diana Marua to Kisii

The musician claimed that the outfit not only gave him some comfort but also gave him some confidence which boosts his self-esteem.

“I’m not here to please everyone, I’m just here to be myself,” Embarambamba said while addressing his controversial outfit.

Addressing those claiming he may have used the stunt to come out of the closet, Embarambamba made it known he is not a crossdresser nor is he changing his se*uality.

“I’m not going to change for anyone. I’m just going to be me,” he said.

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