Pastor Ezekiel donates Ksh 9M school fees to needy candidates in Mavueni

The church of pastor Ezekiel Odero has sponsored the form four tuition for students at Mavueni Kilifi County’s Vyambani Secondary School with Ksh. 9 million.

After Odero promised to pay the remaining costs in the following two weeks, the 155 students will not pay their second and third terms’ tuition.

Granton Idyema, the school’s deputy principal, claims that the majority of the kids have been skipping class due to a lack of funds.

Idyema claimed that despite the fact that each student pays Ksh.13,500 annually, they are nonetheless burdened by the area’s severe poverty and lack of employment opportunities.

“Half of the students always miss school due to lack of fees and the parents have no food and they are always struggling to get income,” said Idyema.

While donating assorted food items at the School in Ganze Sub County, the famous Televangelist pledged to offset sh. 6.3 million second term fees for all the candidates sitting the Secondary national exams at the local school approximately one kilometer from the New Life Prayer Centre and Church.

He also promised to complete the third term fees of Ksh.2.7 million.

The mixed school which has a population of over 600 students received an assortment of food stuff worth two million shillings and girls received sanitary pads to last them six months.

“We have promised that no form four student should be sent home for lack of fees. We have pledged and agreed with the deputy principal that we shall pay all the second and third term fees amounting to Ksh. 9 million for all the 155 students to ensure that they stay in school,” said Odero.

Odero while accompanied by his church devotees and lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Dunstan Omari said the fees will help ease the burden on parents who are struggling with meager income to put food on the table.

He said the church will also be donating food and sponsoring other neighboring schools like Mitangoni primary school.

The pastor promised to sit with the board to work out a plan on how they can help the parents from other classes pay part of the fees.

He said by being in school with enough food supply, the students will be able to perform well and promised to work with the school board to ensure continued supply of food.

“When the members of the church contribute tithe and offerings, it should go to the community and let the children benefit and since the mothers have given a tithe let the money after helping the church also benefit the community and that child in school,” said Odero.

In his address he warned the students against indulging in sex and drug abuse and securing their future through studies.

“Let us focus on studies and say no to sex and drugs because they will not help you but destroy your future. We are not performing quite well in Kilifi and we need to change the narrative,” said Odero.

According to Idyema the school has been experiencing food shortage due to delayed capitation from the government and most

“We thank Ezekiel for his donations and sponsorship. We had a food problem since we hadn’t received capitation and we had spent all the food. The county commissioner gave us six bags of beans which we finished last week. So we went to the church and asked for his aid and we have received the food donations,” said Idyema.

“He shall support the students whose balance is Ksh. 6.3 million so they can remain in school. So no student of form four will be sent home over fees arrears,” he continued.

Idyema sentiments were echoed by school PTA Chairman James Mulango,confirming there was a lot of absenteeism by students due to lack of school fees among most students.

He further said the church has promised to help in rehabilitating the dilapidated classroom and building a laboratory block for the school.

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