Nana Owiti moves her aunt to tears with surprise gift of a lifetime

Nana Owiti, the wife of King Kaka, made one of her aunts cry by purchasing property for her in an emotional video.

The media celebrity praised her for her love and kindness while relating the story of her devoted aunt Nduku, who raised her when she was a young child.

She detailed their history in a lengthy piece, including how they parted ways that day after Nana lost her grandfather.

“As I saw her off, she pulled out a paper bag from her big bag with assorted medicinal tablets. She sat me down and schooled me on what medicine to take if I ailed from different sicknesses.

Among them was ‘diastop’. She said it was for diarrhoea. Then antihistamines. I used to have a terrible allergy that, when it sometimes happened, I would go blind!

I saw nothing but darkness!!! She knew I was in trouble, and she could do nothing. I still remember how much we both cried.

As I waved goodbye, she promised to bring me Elliots bread (those that lived in the village relate. Hii kitu haikuwa inaonekana virahisi bana).

Fast forward to this, I always wanted to do this for her, the girl that raised me, yet she was a child herself,” she wrote.

Nana Owiti had intended to surprise her aunt on Mother’s Day, but the Ulinzi Starlets team manager’s obligations kept her in a different county.

Unfazed, Nana waited for the ideal opportunity to express her gratitude. Despite the difficulties they had, she commended her aunt for her sacrifices and desire to go above and beyond to raise her.

The video’s poignant moment, which showed the strength of love and thankfulness in families, struck a chord with viewers.

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