Johnson Sakaja: You can sleep hungry in Nairobi while your neighbor is having a party

Governor Johnson Sakaja has defended the recently established ambitious school feeding program.

The first-term governor stated on Citizen TV that he was committed to enrolling 250 public school youngsters in the program.

Sakaja, who once sobbed in front of President William Ruto, said he gets passionate over feeding children because he knows what it’s like to be hungry in Nairobi.

“What we’re giving that child is dignity. That child wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring some food from home. I know what it means. Once or twice I have slept hungry in this city. In Nairobi, you can sleep hungry, and your neigh is having a party,”

The governor pointed out that just like the late former president Daniel Moi is remembered for giving free milk to schools, his feeding programme will be cherished by many.

“President Jomo Kenyatta then promised that kids would get seven years of education, President Moi did Maziwa ya Nyayo, and President Kibaki came and gave free primary education. Today Nairobi is writing its part of history with the largest school feeding program on the continent,” he added.

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