KOT put Anne Kiguta in the middle of Sh413 million child upkeep case

A woman has filed a child support action against a former State House officer, alleging that he has not met his parenting responsibilities to his three children.

The woman, identified in court as Ms AK, is requesting Sh2.7 million in monthly maintenance.

She wants the money paid by the fifth of every month commencing June 5, 2023, in order to cater for their three children’s upkeep.

She claims the monies will be used to pay for food and monthly shopping, lodging, entertainment, utility bills, the salary of a nanny, maid, chef, driver, and other personnel.

Alternatively, she wants an order directing the guy to pay Sh413 million as maintenance charges to fund the kids’ monthly and occasional needs until they reach the age of majority.

The story has since exploded on Twitter, and KOT are suggesting that the woman could be the media personality Anne Kiguta and her baby daddy Jomo Gecaga.

In 2017, Anne confirmed that Jomo Gecaga, Uhuru Kenyatta’s right hand man and personal assistant, is her baby daddy.

The two had been rumoured to be dating for the longest time.

KOT put Anne Kiguta in the middle of Sh413 million child upkeep case
KOT put Anne Kiguta in the middle of Sh413 million child upkeep case

Ann and Jomo have three kids together. With much about their relationship kept in secret, it is not clear when the couple separated.

Jomo is nephew and the personal secretary to Former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

We have sampled some of the reactions on Twitter as follows:

@AnneKiguta: Ann Kiguta is demanding 2.7m per month for child support.
Alternatively, Kiguta wants the court to order Jomo Gecaga to deposit Ksh.413M as maintenance until the minor turns 18yrs. Ann is demanding Sh.1M per year for Birthdays.

@jnkimuhu: Ann Kiguta is suing Jomo Gecaga for Ksh415M Child support or Ksh 2.7M p.m upkeep for abandon her and their 3 kids. In suit papers she says they’ve been relying on Uhuru Kenyatta’s support after JG abandoned them.

@Osindewilson: Ksh.2.7M for child support monthly 🤔. Anne Kiguta iyo pesa ataionea Viusasa. I read an article somewhere that Jomo Gecaga and his other partner are expecting a second child. Must be nice being a Billionaire.

@AldrinSimbaa: Anne Kiguta wants 2.7m per month as upkeep for their three children from Jomo Gecaga. To make matters worse, one kid came with AK so she’s insisting even that outside “cum” deserves the share.

@vicmasooh: Yani Anne Kiguta is demanding 300k per month from Jomo Gecaga for their children’ entertainment purposes!

@NjorogeMuturiKE: I wonder what would be Dr. Miguna Miguna opinion about the whopping Ksh 413M that Anne Kiguta gonna walk away with from her former finance Jomo Gecaga a former PA to H.E Uhuru Kenyatta.

@naimawinnie: If I was her I would do the same, jomo gecaga is a wealthy man& from a wealthy family.. he can afford🤷🤷

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