“Namwita mama watoto” – Kalenjin man says he has called wife ‘sweetheart’ only once

A Kalenjin man’s internet admissions about his marriage to his wife have amused Kenyans.

The man was interviewed on DJ Kipsot’s TikTok channel about his love life.

He appeared to corroborate certain notions that community males were not romantics.

The guy on crutches was injured, and his wife cared for him; DJ Kipsot encouraged him to send her a beautiful message thanking her for her help.

According to the man from Nandi County, members of his community do not refer to their wives as sweethearts.

“I have never uttered such words as sweetheart. The closest term I used was babe. It was after switching off the lights.

I usually call her mama watoto (my children’s mum),” he said, cracking up the interviewers.

The man also spoke about how he approached his wife.

“I wooed her by being straightforward- I saw and fell in love with you.”

Kenyans were amused by his sentiments, with many admitting that he was a reflection of other Kalenjin men.

Shalyne: “Lights off, then boom, babe.”

Williams: “I love how honest he is.”

Baby beryl: “Our brothers are not romantic.”

Chebet Sanga: “Kalenjins are unromantic. Good thing he is proud.”

lyndsy_lynn25: “It means my bae is not an original Kalenjin because he is romantic.”

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