Joy as Woman Gives Birth While On Board the SGR Train To Mombasa

On Wednesday, passengers on a Mombasa-bound Madaraka Express train witnessed a wonderful event when a woman received a newborn baby.

According to a Kenya Railways post on Twitter, the mom welcomed her kid with the assistance of a doctor who happened to be onboard and a passenger attendant.

Kenya Railways shared the news with images showing an attendant holding the baby.

“We are delighted to share a heartwarming story of a mother who welcomed her bundle of joy on board the Madaraka Express Passenger Service train to Mombasa,” Kenya Railways wrote.


“We were blessed to have Dr. Indanyenyi Luseso onboard who performed the delivery, assisted by our Passenger Attendant, Ms. Mary Nyiha.”

The woman was later rushed to Mariakani sub-county hospital for further medical assistance.

“Both the mother and the baby are okay. We wish her well.” Madaraka Express said.


Social media reactions:

@samruwa: Free lifetime tickets for the baby. That aside, people don’t know their Expected Delivery Dates?

@sub_zzerro: Can we get a commitment the kid free ride for life. Thats the drill

@CTenai: I always like having professionals like medics traveling with ordinary folks. They are always on duty. Anything can happen. They save lives. Shouts to the doc and those who assisted.

@Upside_Down_KE: You know the drill.Pea mkidi free rides for life.

@kelvinkihara: Anadowload na anaingia photoshoot? Anyway why travel ukijua your due date. All the same,congrats to the doc.

@Evannylarsson: Wow that’s good to hear you guys have done an astonishing job.kudos

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