“Mimi si shemeji yako ndugu” – Angry Mashirima Kapombe terminates Milele FM interview

Mashirima Kapombe of Citizen TV was forced to suddenly end a phone conversation with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray after he initiated the conversation by introducing himself to her as ‘shemeji’.

In some instances, the term ‘shemeji’ refers to a brother-in-law or sister-in-law.

“Mambo vipi shemeji yangu,” he said.

Unfortunately, Mashirima took offense to being addressed by such title and soon requested to be referred to by her official name instead.

“Mimi si shemeji yako ndugu, don’t use that, just use my name,” she replied.

Recognizing his error, Ankali promptly apologized and attempted to clarify that he frequently used the term throughout his show when making phone calls.

Milele FM's Ankali Ray
Milele FM’s Ankali Ray

Mashirima, on the other hand, seemed uninterested in his explanation and felt it was irrelevant to the circumstances at hand.

Ankali proceeded to complement Mashirima on her beauty and question about her relationship status, oblivious to the magnitude of his past blunder.

“Watu wengi hutaka kujua kama uko na mtu ama uko pekee yako,” the presenter asked.

However, Mashirima, naturally irritated by Ankali’s inappropriate line of questioning, abruptly terminated the call, expressing her irritation and accusing him of wasting her time.

“You are wasting my time, thank you,” she ended the call.

Kamene Goro upset during interview

Kamene Goro was recently pissed off after a content creator brought up a topic about her body count.

The bubbly celebrity was doing an interview alongside her husband, DJ Bonez.

A content creator reminded Kamene of the past incident, asking her about her current body count, and the question didn’t sit well with the former Kiss FM presenter.

“I can’t talk about such things now. Please respect me as somebody’s wife. It is offensive for you to ask a question like that when my husband is sitting right next to me. Let us not be those kinds of content creators,” she said in a video shared by LavishHat TV.

Kamene Goro upset during interview
Kamene Goro upset during interview

Kamene urged content creators to respect celebrities’ spaces before walking out of the interview.

Defending Kamene, DJ Bonez called out the lady who asked the body count question, saying it was wrong to ask people about their pasts.

“Usiwahi chunguza past ya mtu. Maybe past yangu ni mbaya kuliko yake coz mimi ni DJ si mnajua…Nilikuwa mkware sana but si kila mtu na past yake,” he said.

He advised people not to dig into their partners’ pasts, saying such things might affect relationships.

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