“You are famous, broke and foolish” – Ezekiel Mutua’s fight with Sylvia Ssaru escalates

Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), has escalated his spat with rapper Sylvia Ssaru after she responded to his initial critique of the successful song Kaskie Vibaya.

Mutua attacked Ssaru in a lengthy Facebook post for following elders’ counsel and instead attempting to please the online public, whom he claims would simply hype the music and then leave when they find something else to listen to.

“So you do a dirty song and it gets to your head to the point where you discard advise from elders and accomplished professionals by dismissing them with a cursory wave of a hand “Kaskie Vibaya na huko kwenu?” Then strangers hype your insults and arrogance on social media and you feel like you are on top of the world,” Mutua shot back.

He went on to warn her how big corporations will overlook her as they cannot associate with vulgarity, hence missing out on huge money deals.

“After the fame hinged on vulgarity and foolishness in the name of creativity, you are broke and you realise you can’t make ends meet. You discarded advise from wise people and from elders.

You have no coach, no mentor and no agent to manage your talent. And because you projected an image of a rich and arrogant artist, many people don’t easily come to your aid. You are also afraid to ask for help because you burnt bridges while basking in the vain glory of social media.”

Sylvia Ssaru
Sylvia Ssaru

The MCSK boss said his advice to Ssaru is hinged on love and honesty, and he wants to see her and other artists make clean content palatable to all.

“So let me talk to you today as a father. Dismissing advice from people who truly love you and want the best out of you is the beginning of the end. Dirty content sells, but only to perverts.

The great part of the market, particularly here in Kenya, is composed of decent people who would not want to listen to dirty music, especially in mixed company or where children are likely to be present. Despite all their flaws, most parents care about their children and what they consume. They don’t want their children to be exposed to dirty content.”

Mutua had early criticized Ssaru’s collabo with Father Moh, “Kaskie Vibaya”, saying it is a dirty song promoting moral decay in the society.

In a rejoinder, Ssaru said she makes content for different audiences, and told the MCSK boss to familiarize himself with her songs by visiting her YouTube channel.

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